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Default Re: Integrated Geforce 8200 woes: high X CPU on video playback

Originally Posted by pe1chl View Post
I think the driver uses a spinlock for vsync by default.
It should be possible to change this by putting this in de Section "Device":
Option "UseEvents" "True"
I've tried every trick & treat I've found on these forums and elsewhere. I do have the UseEvents set to True but the xorg still hogs cpu. I forgot to tell that for my board and setup the latest 177.x drivers seem to break sound and therefore I'm stuck with 177.13 driver. The 177.67 and 177.80 drivers just don't give any sound via spdif and I've been unable to ever get any sound via HDMI. I'd be perfectly happy with spdif sound and smooth HDMI video without cpu hogging if I just knew a way to make it work.

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