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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

Originally Posted by azian257 View Post
Those are the major issues I have with this game. Theres no global chat or in-game voice chat for RvR/Scenarios. I feel completely disconnected with this game. Yes you can go on vent with your kin/buddies; but your not going to be at the same PQ or RvR battle all the time. Now LOTRO had a very nice implementation of in-game voice....just too bad their pvp is a zerg/lag fest.
Yeh...many of the same issues I have.
The mail system is terrible and the lack of flight paths is bad, but at guild level 15 (I think) you can buy a scroll from the Viper Pitt which will transport you back to the major city when this will help a little.

I dont know what there has been any city seiges yet....I would say you would have to have a considerable number of 40's to do this?
I havent seen a single 40 on our server though Im sure there are some.
Our highest guildy is 34 and he hasnt seen any 40's yet.

I think we will def see some of these annoying issues resolved with upcomming patches.
Already I have seen some things that annoyed me the ability to "join all scenario" choice, and the fact that they did take out the 20 sec wait between sending mail.

All in good time
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