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Default Re: Why does this forum talk more about politics than hardware?

Originally Posted by MrSavoy View Post
Always one as shole in tne bunch. Thanks for the rude comment.

To everyone else I appreciate your comments but I still see more off topic discussion here than anywhere else. Hardware being released or not doesn't mean I see more off topic on other forums. It's unique to here but that's just how it is.
nvnews is unique, it's a different sort of tech community. It started that way and you know how a community works, those who like it fit in and stay, others move on. So Nvnews grew as a community that are open and sharing and not afraid to have a laugh and perhaps take thing that little bit to far. I've tried being a member at other forums that are strictly hardware or strictly gaming. it's just not the same. It's all so serious. Least here I can kick back in the open forum and see what everyone else is up to in their lives.

Also a lot of people dismiss the linux forums. A lot of nvidia related discussion in there. Probably the premier source of Linux/Nvidia information on the net.
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