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Default Monitor won't go to sleep properly with 9500GT

I am running intrepid alpha6 64bit, and nvidia driver 177.80
I'm using an Asus nvidia EN9500GT PCI-E discrete graphics card. My monitor is a Hanns.G HG281D LCD panel with HDMI and D-SUB inputs.
The graphics card has dvi, hdmi, and d-sub outputs. My monitor only goes to sleep properly when I use the dsub connection. When I connect my monitor to the HDMI or DVI ouputs of the graphics card, the monitor does not go to sleep properly. Instead, the monitor shows a "No Signal Input" message, but I guess it's not a complete loss of signal, because the monitor does not go to sleep.
If I disconnect the cable or turn off the computer then the monitor goes to sleep. I have tried "xset dpms force standby/suspend/off" and they all have the same effect (monitor's own "signal loss" message screen, but monitor never actually goes to sleep).

Some interesting points: Using the "nv" driver does not have this
problem (sleep works properly over both DVI and HDMI connection).

Using a different discrete graphics card (EVGA nvidia 8400GS) I don't have this problem
with either "nv" or nvidia drivers.

I am not using twinview or xinerama, just a single connection to a
single monitor. I also tried disabling compiz, using different window managers, but no luck.

It's also strange that all 3 commands "xset dpms force standby/suspend/off" have the exact same behavior. I'm guessing all 3 options result in the exact same thing done by the nvidia driver.
Some variation would be welcome here, I wish one of the options did what the "nv" driver does
and put my monitor to sleep.
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