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Default Re: Why does this forum talk more about politics than hardware?

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
nvnews is unique, it's a different sort of tech community. It started that way and you know how a community works, those who like it fit in and stay, others move on. So Nvnews grew as a community that are open and sharing and not afraid to have a laugh and perhaps take thing that little bit to far. I've tried being a member at other forums that are strictly hardware or strictly gaming. it's just not the same. It's all so serious. Least here I can kick back in the open forum and see what everyone else is up to in their lives.

Also a lot of people dismiss the linux forums. A lot of nvidia related discussion in there. Probably the premier source of Linux/Nvidia information on the net.

I first came here with with a 'nvldmkm stop responding' (or w/e it is) issue. Once i read the MASSIVE thread on the issue i realised there were a lot of people here that share the same interests as me. My favorite is the gaming forum where i have posted numerous posts there and tried to blend in with the community, now i visit this site everyday. There are some great guys here and with every forum community there are a couple of A holes too.

On topic: I find NvNews to be upto date with everything hardware related and more, and as been said in another post 'atm things on the hardware side are a little slow'. Once X58 mobo's and Nehalem is closer im sure the hardware thread will pick up a lot more.
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