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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
I kind of stopped playing FSX due to the stutters that I get with the newer nvidia drivers. I bought a GTX260 hoping the issue would not carry over to the new card, but it did. I don't think I can use ther 169 drivers with this card, so changing drivers to cure the problem is not an option anymore. I don't know if a new install will fix this as others have reported the same issue. So I might be done with FSX for a while.
Things can be a bit jumpy for me too - I can be flying with great frame rates, but when the load increases it becomes very erratic, even with a locked frame rate, which didn't happen before. It's very annoying as I’m getting better performance than I've ever had, and like Silly the older drivers don't support the new card, though it may be possible for me to mod the inf, seeing as it's a G92 core.

On the REX front, Mango was hinting that he was hoping to get the BETA yesterday, in which case things sound like they're moving along....and on the FEX front, it seems Chris has had to find employment as FEX profits were not sufficient to keep him afloat - which helps to explain the lack of progress. He states work on FEX is continuing and the weather engine will be added, along with the other features, but could not offer a timeframe.

I think the FSX market is quite a tough one to make money in if it's all you do, hence a lot of developers are part time, and projects are slow to come to market.

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