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Default Re: Monitor won't go to sleep properly with 9500GT

I am having the same problem with a 8500GT with Debian Lenny 32-bit, kernel
and driver 177.80. Although it is not specific to 177.80; I found the same issues with
all the 169.xx, 173.xx and other 177.xx. The monitor is a Viewsonic LCD VX2835wm.
the Xorg log shows the DPMS is detected and activated. The EDID is probed and the
corrrect mode seems to be chosen.

I am running nearly the same setup with different card (a 5700LE), with no problem
sleeping, etc.

In addition, I found the following odd circumstances: if I use a Samsung 19", there is
no problem. If I let the driver probe the Samsung for EDID and then replug the Viewsonic,
the monitor then sleeps (of course the mode lines are wrong, etc.).

Xorg.0.log is attached.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what else to try . . .
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