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Default Re: Couple SLI Questions

Originally Posted by Vanzagar View Post
So I just got my two gtx260's installed in SLI... couple quick questions:

1. How do I know for sure a game is utilizing both cards. My nVidia control panel says it's enabled but when I play a game like Oblivion I can only select "GTX260" only from the vid card selection box, there is no reference to SLI? FPS sometimes dip below 30 but I have Quarl's texture pack and a bunch of other eye candy mods running at 1920x1200 with 2AA, 4AF, so I'm not sure if I should be dipping down that low with GTX260 sli...

2. When I over clock the cards, using something like eVGA Precision, there is one slider bar to change clock speeds, is this for both cards? Can I over clock one to one speed and the other card to a different speed?


You can use Nhancer to enable load balancing bar in profile's/global to make sure. Also Precision only has 1 slider to overclock both cards and no you cant overclock both differently cause SLI will default both cards to the lowest clocked card.

Hope this helps.
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