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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Whoo Andy your on a roll! great shots very chrisp

Great shots is that the FSdreamscapes Utah? & if so does it have any Autogen?

Well it seems my EC-135 repainting has impressed someone enought for them to want donate me a copy of the ND BO105! the one condition is that i would repaint the BO105 with the Luftrettung Bundesministerium des Innern EC-135 scheme

Seems that the EC-135 replaced this helo in that service (even thought there B105 was the CBS version)

Ive been at it this afternoon & as the repaint PSD is quite well layout its been pretty easy to kick up,still got a few things to tweak before its uploaded but heres a beta shot

Seems its a bit buggy though as even after patching with update 1 i still have some random lighting errors...

Thanks to Hans from Germany!

Sorry to hear your new card isnt playing nice silly i guess you tryed deleteing your FSX.cfg & defragged ect ect and all that? might be worth kicking up some fuss over at the NV forums,as i said my drivers on the HD4870 have gotten worst post 8.6 i have to run locked 30fps in fullscreen under DX10 mode and cant force AA Or AF anymore now as doing so gives me radical fame rate every other game its fine so all i get when ever i raise it in any ATI driver threads is ..."FSX man that game engine sucks the big one" mostly it seems from ppl who only tryed FSX RTM....

Hey mark thanks for the heads up on the FEX issues where did you hear/read about that btw? i havent seen anything on there site or in the FEX GUI or the F1 forums,I thought something funny was going on as about a month ago i saw a post by peter on AVsim asking for help in the form of a programmer/gui artist but when i went back a day later it was gone your info kinda explains that post for me now so thanks for the heads up

& forgot to say but i hope you enjoyed your holiday


btw guys check this out

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