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Default Re: Monitor won't go to sleep properly with 9500GT

Your post about EDID gave me an idea:
I just tried: Option "UseEDID" "False"
and it had a terribly low resolution (also lost HDMI audio) but the monitor can sleep!

I also tried what's documented as equivalent settings to UseEDID False:
Option "UseEDIDFreqs" "False"
Option "UseEDIDDpi" "False"
Option "ModeValidation" "NoEdidModes"
which gave me the same terrible resolution, but the monitor could not sleep.

So, it is something to do with EDID (other than the above 3 individual options),
like the driver misunderstands the monitor's powersave modes or something,
and tries to do a wrong one.

NVIDIA folks, is there an EDID-related option to disable the powersave detection piece
only? Alternatively (or additionally) can you please look into this and fix it in an upcoming
driver release?
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