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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Congratulations Steve you deserve the recognition, your repaints a quality your doing some 'painting' for OZx as well eh? ... nice

The holiday was good thanks, only Cornwall, but we had stunning weather, which is great when you have a three year old who likes to play on the beach.

The thread where Chris talks about the weather engine and him having to quit full time developing is here.

It's a real shame things have turned out this way for all concerned, that includes those that have bought and supported FEX, but I guess these are tough times for everybody.

I have found I get to fly stutter free by locking the frame rate to 26, any higher and things get jumpy - I like to fly around FTX with an unlimited rate, but find locking in non-urban areas is now a's a real bugger that putting any limit knocks the frame rate so drastically...around towns it's fine running 'unlimed' as the lower frame rate seems to stop the wild ups and downs.

Hoping the so called 'big bang' 180 drivers [big bull**** more like] will return things to the way they were
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