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Default Re: Disable audio over hdmi?

I have a similar problem.

I have 2 monitors, CRT and LCD (Hanns-G 216D with HDMI input only) both connected to my 8400 GS card. CRT is attached to the VGA output and LCD to the DVI with a DVI->HDMI cable.

Prior to the 17x.x drivers I was able to hear sound from the LCD using an analog cable coming from the soundcard, but since the 17x.x series not only analog audio is impossible, but loud (pink?) noise is coming through the speakers when Xorg loads (about 5 seconds of loud noise), and when I change to textmode (~0.25 sec noise).

I think the DVI->HDMI cable uses some DVI pins to carry audio (is this even possible?).
This behavior also occurs with Windows.
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