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Default Re: Intel won't let Nvidia make Nehalem chipsets

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post

I'm not buying x58 and Nehalem, cause i don't want to pay ****ing $300 for excluse Intel right on it. My next CPU purchase is going to be AMD along with Nvidia card.
Sure you're buying AMD. Some good stuff you must be smoking.
Do you remember what you posted just few days ago?
Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227
AMD is going to be now two companies, meaning they are dead. AMD is just dying. Hopefully somebody will save ATI from AMD sinking ship. Intel should go and buy ATI from AMD or Nvidia or whoever. I hope Intel says well no x86 license for AMD anymore cause you just suck and now you're sellling yourself to some Arabian company...AMD deserves big **** YOU. LINK
With AMD dead it's going to be hard to buy one but I can sell you mine Athlon x2 4200+ at premium price (no Arabian connection).

Now about the SLI and X58:
Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227
So, everybody will be forced to buy x58 so i guess Intel decided to make chipset for their CPU only and nobody else. That's fine as long as they don't ****ing ask for SLI and Crossfire for almost free.
AMD and Nvidia should step on Intel and say you know **** you, you wont see SLI and Crossfire on your boards.
Last post on this thread was June 6, 2008 before it was forwarded and apparently the above is no longer true.
Or Google more.

It was NVIDIA own fault they wanted the SLI on they chipset only since it could easy be done by software without any cost. They should have reached the agreement with Intel much sooner. ATI crossfire was open for Intel to use.
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