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Default Re: Gtx260's sli setup?

Originally Posted by BelfastCradle View Post
I'm planning to get a new rig with a gtx260, 4gb DDRII, q9300; and am deciding to put it on either an MSI p7n platinum or ASUS p5n-d.

I realise that these two have been matched up on many sites on
many occasions but I have decided on the p7n platinum on one condition:

***I plan to get another gtx 260 in a few months time, will the mobo's ability to only run at PCI 2.0 x8 for each card (as opposed to both at x16) be an issue?***

I only intend to OC the CPU to c.3.0Ghz so am not worried by the (probably fair) claims of the boards being poor OC'ers.

***One last thing, I intend to put this in Antec 300 with a coolermaster 700w PSU. Can I assume this would be enough power for 2x gtx260's?***


Personally, I don't think that PSU will be enough, esp if you are overclocking...
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