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Originally Posted by hapooh View Post
any one whose played it.. does it have quicksave ... or is it only save points .... it's a deal breaker for me if there is no quicksave option...
On the console the game is using a location based saved system, every area has a terminal you access to save your progress so it might be the same for the PC version.

Severian126, Best first 30min so far. Intro the combat and explanation of systems is very well done. I also like how Isaacs (main character) suit isn't unique, other characters have similar suits.

Fuku2 & Destroy, Im playing the PS3 version... looks and runs great. Almost no AA issues with the title. Im sure you PC guys will like the graphics unless EA totally ****s the port up.

nekrosoft13, Since no specific platform is mentioned in the thread title, I would guess it means this is a general discussion about the title since it is posted in "Gaming Central", not a PC Only Section... So yeah, blow me.
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