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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

I hate the tank knock back but then I realized most don't know how to use it. 90% of the time they knock be back to my own side and I am out of danger.

What does piss me off about knock backs is when destruction side uses it. Every damn time some moronic tank uses it and knocks the order guy into safety or just out of my range so I can't bash his head in with my axe. FRIKING MORONS! I like my black orc but running after someone because some moron knocked them back is annoying as hell.

As of right now I am getting bored of the game. The same thing happens every time. Bright Wizards one or 2 shot you. Order turtles on the flag. If order is losing they leave the SC. It takes a half an hour to kill a dwarf priest... that is if you can kill them.
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