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Default Re: Why does this forum talk more about politics than hardware?

Originally Posted by MrSavoy View Post
All good, I do appreciate all the different views/comments on the subject. As you can see from my join date I have been coming here for years even though I don't post a lot. Actually I have been coming here for probably a couple of years before my join date.

Bottom line, I like these forums. I guess I'll just lay off the new posts button.
I've first visited this site back in 2004 like you. I didn't post regularly until late 2007/early 2008 I believe.

I come in asking questions once in awhile on a few hardware/software related issues, and I always manage to get a reasonable response to help solve my issues.

I'm not a forum person, but this place grew on me. A lot of unique personalities are here, that's for sure, but the different views definitely helps me to understand people from all walks of life (with a common love for PC hardware and gaming).

I can understand your frustration with the number of political news, but if you're a regular, it's nice to hear what the other members think outside of gaming/hardware news. As for that itself, it'll come in time.

In the meantime, enjoy your stay. And BTW, meth is a good guy. He's just straight to the point.
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