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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Nice shots there.

Well I guess I'm going to try a repair install, and if no luck I'll try a clean install. When I first start flying it's perfect, totally smooth, but once I change views it starts hitching, and if I change views a few more times the hitching gets real bad. Its not as bad with 8xQ AA from the CP, but if I try 8xS supersampling its not even worth playing, though 8xQ is fine with the 169 drivers...

I might need a clean intall anyway as there's something odd with FTX. Around Cairns for example, the forest landclass has trees so dense its chops my framerate down to the 15-20 area, and thats with the autogen settings above. I'm used to 30fps+ with FTX, so its strange to see it running so bad around cairns, which isn't even an urban area.
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