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Default Re: Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Official Thread

I've played the demo some times, and I think they got some problems with gameplay.

Basically, a good hack&slash should have a interesting set of skills and special abilities that you use to form your gameplay. With Sacred 2 you are autoattacking and using 1-4 abilities (that many slots available) that get long cooldowns the more powerful they get. And if you combine them into Combos the cooldowns get even longer.

What I mean is the game does not allow me to form a good skillbased gameplay which should be a staple of a hack&slash game. The few skillslots and skill cooldowns limit flexible gameplay a lot in my opinion.

I just checked the Wizard gameplay video from D3 just some day ago, and Blizzard do know how to do a great hack&slash. You are never autoattacking, but using many different skills to build a diverse gameplay which is flexible and interesting.

In the end I felt Sacred 2 gameplay to be dull, which is a shame because the crafted world, map and questing looks great.
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