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Question nVidia and FreeBSD, X breaks completely

I've been using freebsd as a second os for a while, but I just recently decided to go all the way, and leave the dreary world of windows.

The problem is that my graphics adapter doesn't agree with me.

My system specs are:
MB: asus a7m266 with a tbird 1.4GHz and 512DDR.
The graphics adapter is a geforce2mx.

What happens is, I load the nvidia driver, version 4365. I set up my XF86Config, and I start X. My box freezes totally without as much as a flicker of the screen, and then reboots after about 15 seconds.

I've tried every possible combination of freeBSD-agp vs. nVidia-agp, and even no agp(!), and nothing works.

The log says no problem, and I'm kinda stuck. I really don't want to wait for the next release, because I'm a very impatient kind of guy.

Is there anyone out there who've been through this, or have any suggestions of _any_ kind, I would very much appreciate some feedback.

Thanks from the icy north, Norway.
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