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Default Re: Couple SLI Questions

Originally Posted by aceflier View Post
You can use Nhancer to enable load balancing bar in profile's/global to make sure. Also Precision only has 1 slider to overclock both cards and no you cant overclock both differently cause SLI will default both cards to the lowest clocked card.

Hope this helps.
Again, the highlighted portion is NOT TRUE.

On every motherboard I've tried it on it depends on which slot which card is in.

On my current board, the top slot is master so, if I put a card in that slot clocked @ 800mhz and a card in the lower slot that's @ 600mhz the card in the lower slot automatically OVERCLOCKS to 800mhz.

If I switch them and put the 600mhz card in the top slot and the 800mhz card in the bottom the bottom one will then under clock to the slower speed of the card in the top slot.

It's a basic Master/Slave hardware configuration.


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