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Default WoW - Echoes of Doom

I jumped back onto my Orc Warrior with the most recent patch. I'm having a blast as prot in PvP! This is the way warriors are meant to be.

Anyone else loving some of the new talents and abilities? I'm really anxious to see the new PvP types in WOTLK.

I think my favorite thing is that deep prot gets a talent called Warbringer. Basically, I can use Charge while in combat, in any stance. It also frees me from any roots or snares, gives me 25 rage, and is on a 12 second cooldown thanks to a glyph.

My PvP Prot talents:

I have already grown kind of tired with WAR. It needs some more polish put it on. It has potential to be an awesome game, but I can't help but keep comparing it to the king, WoW. Bring on level 80!
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