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Default Re: WoW - Echoes of Doom

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
I jumped back onto my Orc Warrior with the most recent patch. I'm having a blast as prot in PvP! This is the way warriors are meant to be.

Anyone else loving some of the new talents and abilities? I'm really anxious to see the new PvP types in WOTLK.

I think my favorite thing is that deep prot gets a talent called Warbringer. Basically, I can use Charge while in combat, in any stance. It also frees me from any roots or snares, gives me 25 rage, and is on a 12 second cooldown thanks to a glyph.

My PvP Prot talents:

I have already grown kind of tired with WAR. It needs some more polish put it on. It has potential to be an awesome game, but I can't help but keep comparing it to the king, WoW. Bring on level 80!

Play MS or Fury not prot for pvp. Thats why you feel like it needs more.

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog View Post
I feel the same with WAR. It's missing something. Levels 19-21 were just, ugh. The game just isn't drawing me in with the lack of community(chat channels), the gear is boring, and pve/world almost has a linear feel to it. I already got my reminder that my account(free month) is up but I don't think i'm renewing.

On the flipside, pvp is a blast but it goes back to how many time can I do a scenerio before getting bored.

Not sure I could or want to go back to playing warcraft though. Its just too much of a time sink. I am how ever curious if pvp is getting better.
Give the game a real chance. Talking about lack of community? with over 11million people playing unless your on a new RP server I have no idea what your talking about.

I play on a pvp server. I currently run titans grip with my warrior with 2 season 2 2h swords. Damage right now is out the roof. It would be more fun if everyone had an extra 10k health after the patch.

I just wanted to say this is the most powerful warriors have ever been. Its a nice change of pace and warriors are way more balanced and the skills are more useful then ever before.

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