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Default Re: Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Official Thread

It's been out here in sweden for a few days (dunno exactly when it was released here, i bought it monday), I picked up two copies one for me and one for my brother.

On my system it runs pretty well. Stay away from latest hot fix though. It makes the game stutter alot. The game is still quite buggy. It crashes from time to time on brother puter. For me it's fine (unless using the latest hotfix that is).

The game requires online activation and you can use it on two computers, online you can only play one at a time though but it will work for two people on lan according to reports from official forums. However you can also unlink the game should you wish to sell it, dvd is not requried to play.

Thus far it's been rather fun to play, i did like the first game and this one feels much the same with some slight changes in skill and other classes to play.
Theres loads of quests to do. The good loot is much harder to find now compared to the first game where it was way too easy.

Gfx looks a tad bit flat but it's not _that_ bad, textures are ok. with the collectors edition you get an extra dvd with higher quallity textures but I bought standard versions so I can't comment on those.

There's plenty of humor and references in the game too
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