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Default Re: Warhammer complaint thread

They really need to nerf the XP you get in scenarios. It's killing the rest of the game. No one does PvE or PQs. The RvR lakes are empty. The keeps stay kept. Why? Because everyone is playing the scenarios. You can quest for 45 minutes to an hour, running back and forth, for about 10K xp. Or get the same amount of XP in 15 minutes plus Renown, gold, and decent loot in a scenario.

I do love playing the scenarios though. They are wild and crazy and fun. I just hate seeing the rest of the game go to waste. Those RvR lakes would be great fun with 40 or more players fighting over it. And I haven't seen a PQ played all the way to the loot chest since Tier 1. The zones are just empty.

Also, it's not all Bright Wizards that are OP. It's just the Immolation spec.. the DOTs. My BW can stand back and drop DOTs on every Destro that runs by him, then detonate for a AOE DOT on a big cluster of them. All those ticks on all those Destros adds up. I usually average about 80,000 damage dealt at level 20. Of course that doesn't mean I actually killed anyone. All that damage is spread out. I just softened up a lot of targets and annoyed a lot of healers. 1v1 I usually just die. Of course I usually kill myself from combustion first.

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