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(sorry for my english first)

i'm a owner of a gainward fx 59 ultra gs since 2 month now.

first what i saw after installing this card is flickering.
as everyone knows mostly in bright backgrounds in 3d-mode.
(i can even notice it in 2d when i look very very carefuly)

i tried every setting possible in drivers, bios what could be 3d-card related.
i also tested several connectors of my psu (enermax 363)

well what did i do? i took my whole pc to the shop where i bought the card.
5 people where in there. only me and and other could notice the flickering!!! best example is loading the map el alamein in bf1942.

so I'm quit sure almost every card got that problem but some people just can't see it.

so first we tested another fx ulta by gainward in my system.
it flickered.

then we tested both cards in a complet other pc without sound-hardware and different psu manufacturer (can't remember which one) and on a tft (analog).
it fickered.

then the shop-owner told me i can exchange it for a 9800pro and get the rest of my money back. but i wanted to keep the ultra.
well he had no other fx ulta board in store but short after they got the msi fx ultra with the dual-flow design. tested..
it flickered.

at the time i couldnt find anything about this in the internet.

so i just kept played games with flickering...

and now.... this is strange...

my flickering is almost gone!!! i didn't change anything in my system.
but when i start games like bf1942 or cnc generals the flickering is mostly not or less noticable. this is no joke. i'm sure my eyes didnt get worst or something. before that i could notice it very quick and easily.

another example is 3dmark03, when the mark is loading the first scene with the white background it always flickered.

is this somehow possible? (e.g. capasitor on the board?)

or is it just my imagination which tells me not to see it anymore.

i can't explain how but it's definitly better as before.
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