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Default Re: WoW - Echoes of Doom

Originally Posted by KasuCode View Post
Play MS or Fury not prot for pvp. Thats why you feel like it needs more.
I never said my warrior needs more. Prot is awesome in PvP now. I've played every spec in PvP for 3 years and right now, by far prot is the most fun to me.

Last night in AB, I beat down a mage and rogue combo. Spell reflected the dumb mages pyro on him for 4200 crit, then proceeded to shield slam him for over 2k, revenge crits for almost 2k all the while I am blocking the rogues attacks.

Prot is now where it needs to be. The only classes I still don't like going up against is a damn paladin. The fact they can DPS like crazy, then bubble and heal is just way OP.

How prot is better than it used to be:

Shield Slam damage upped
Charge in combat, in any stance, frees you from any roots, +25 rage on 12 second cooldown
Concussion Blow does damage based on 3/4 AP
Revenge damage boosted a ton
Talents for 15% more crit on devestate, shield slam, heroic strike, cleave, thunder clap
Sword & Board
Increased Dodge
Can get Impale easily
No need to go in fury trr for anything but Armored to the Teeth
Improved Spell Reflect
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