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Default Re: RIVA TNT2 problem

Originally posted by Strider
some games ive tried to play such as RTCW, Blitzkrieg, etc. all fail to work. This is with the same video card I have used for 2 years.

Wat happens is I go into the game, then all of a sudden the monitor goes into standby mode, all screen is blank. from green light to yellow light. but i hear the game music come on, i click around, sure enuf i get into a mission and hear units/characters respond to clicks. So I am sure the game is running smoothly. To make sure, I had alt-tab ed, and checked task manager, it was running. I closed all virus scanners, firewalls and other applications running.

I frustrated and dun know wat to do.

This has happen with a number of games, and over a period of a year.

Here are my specs:

1000 mhz intel p3
384 ram
32mb. NVidia Riva TNT2 model 64/64 pro

(Plz do not instruct me to buy a new video card, I am strapped for cash. And do not tell me to update/change my driver bcuz ive done that, and it did not, worse even was it screwed my whole system over, causing me to reformat.)

Plz help me!!!
Your games probably require a card that can use hardware transform and lighting, which the TNT is incapable of doing. And you're not even using a "real" TNT2, you're using the stripped down M64. Start saving your pennies, junior. Heck, you can probably pick up a GeForce2 MX/GTS for $30-$40 and your games will at least be able to run.
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