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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Great london Shots there mark the thames is looking nice and dirty

Does VFR London have placed ambient sounds? thats one of the area's i think FSX is very very poor in & think it would be very strange flying over london with out at least some backbround noise,also are those trees custom objects or are they pulling a lord howe and replacing the default autogen without asking?

I just found that kick ATI's Cat A.I. to advanced really improves my FPS but i also get a FSP bouncing effect where it will go from 70-7-50-70-50-7 not sure what it is maybe im hitting the Vram limit(not that this should be possible under vista)gonna have a play with textbandwidth and see if i can reign in the bounce a bit


btw im gonna throw my lastest tweaked water normals up later on tonight once my RS account stops timing out
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