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Default Re: I change my mind about the GTX280

Well, its less smooth than one card. There's severe stuttering from time to time. The motherboard does make a difference in smoothness etc. The CPU takes a hit from SLI, 200-300mhz I'd say for syncing the cards... Also, you only notice a difference where you are GPU limited. In CPU limited scenarios, your system is slower because of the extra burden on your CPU. If I had a choice to get 500e back and return one of these cards I would. I prefer a single card experience with lower details...

Say Crysis(Crysis scales quite bad, suffers from stuttering due to the load it places on the cards and your system in general) on High looks good and plays good.Add a second card and run on High, performance is actually lower (at 1680x1050 with one 280 the game is CPU limited).Take it up to Very High, the game looks better, plays better than with one 280, but still, it doesn't play as smooth or as fast as I would like. Warhead would dip to 19fps in DX9 from time to time, it would have been worse with DX10...
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