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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

I have not noticed any ambient Steve, though to be honest I often have to turn the sound down, as the engine noise get on my nerves after a while, esp. the ones where you can here the sample looping - so I usually end up flying to music instead.

I get the exact same frame rate up-and-down you describe, from very high to very low - it certainly isn't VRAM, as the most I measured used so far is 620mb - I have a feeling it's just the engine having to give rendering the back seat to perform another task. I think it has always been recommended that a limit is set to allow for this - but it is nice to have that fluidity you get with 'unlimited'

What would be good is a hotkey so you can switch, on the fly, between an unlimited rate and a chosen cap.

I look forward to trying your new normals, even though they are intended more for DX10 - those shots showing the river Thames would not look so good without the high resolution your normals bring.
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