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Default Ack, OVerclocking problems...

Just got my two GTX260's hooked up in SLI last week and started playing around with overclocking them last night, btw I'm a novice at this.... Before I started overclocking I got a score of 16,300 in 3dMark2006, these are stock cards no FTW version:

So I gave it a try a 640Mhz/1350 (Clock Core/Shader Clock), kept Memory clock at default 999, people on this forums and others stated they overclocked stock clocks easily to 700+ Mhz or near FTW versions. So I though ah 640 no problem, when running 3dmark2006 there was no stuttering or artifcats, everything looked and ran smooth, temps maxed out at around 66/67C, the problem is my score went DOWN to 10,800 wtf?

So I changed the clocks back to stock and still scored around 10-11K, rebooted ran stocks again 10-11K *scratches head*... Could I have damaged the cards when they are running fine with no artifacting and temps around 66C?? Could maybe one card be damaged, although when I ran 3dmark06 with just one card I got a score of 14,200...

Suggestions on what to try next?

Thanks for any suggestions/advice... gonna try retesting tonight, make sure I've ran adaware and nothing is running in the background...


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