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Default Re: LotRO DX10 Client = BOING!!1!11!!

Post from the LOTRO forums regarding engine optimizations:

"Mines of Moria is not a graphic engine overhaul. However, there have been a handful of new additions and refinements added during its development. Here's a brief run down on some of the new, player perceptible graphic engine-centric updates (DX10-only features noted in list):

* Dual-heightmap landscape technology (tested in Forochel, polished in Moria)
* Reintroduction of Distance Terrain Normal Maps (DX10)
* Player-based keylighting (in specified locations)
* Dynamic shadow casting driven by player-based keylighting (DX10)
* Improved Distant Fog Asset Occlusion (to aid client performance)
* Dual-heightmap landscape Occlusion (to aid client performance)

I should note that the above list are features that the Game Engine Team developed/polished for use primarily by the World Design team. There may be other features included but as they aren't World-specific, my own familiarity is too limited for me to be willing to discuss them. This list does not include any tools enhancements which were also delivered to aid us in developing this expansion pack (and there were many of those as well).

A personal favorite of mine - the combination of our Player-based Keylighting and associated dynamic shadow casting creates a stunning experience! Crawling through Moria, watching the mining structures and stalagmites dynamic cast shadows based on my location - the moving shadows have caused me to jump a few times for fear of monster ambush."
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