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For some uncanny reason my machine is neglecting to load these NVidia drivers for me. I came very close last night. I did everything that TheOneKEA told me to do(By-the-way, thank you TheOneKEA). It wasn't until the last part that I started having problems. When I tried to "startx", my system just wouldn't display anything...the screen just kept flickering BLACK! No type of GUI would show up on my screen. I eventually loaded Windows back onto my system after hours and hours of re-installing RedHat 7.3 numerous times(10 to be exact). I really don't want to use Mr. Bill Gates any more. I'd like to learn linux here on out, but without OpenGL support on my computer I'd have to stay with Windows until I get this driver issue straightend out. I'm willing to keep re-installing linux as long as I've got the support from you guys(learnig curve issue). Thanks all.
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