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Default Re: I change my mind about the GTX280

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
Well, my mate was playing yesterday (so my eyes were free), and during the game there was a lot of action at the beginning level and the frame rate would drop below 20fps at several points and stay there... It could have been a background program causing it though, don't remember what I had open at the time.

SLI is working fine, the cards are also fine as far as I can tell since they are working in all games as they should. My P Vantage score is above 20000. Warhead does utilise SLI somewhat, my average FPS are higher with two cards vs one. Can you run a couple of benches for me?

Download the Warhead Benchmark tool and run the Frost (plain) level and the Airfield Flythrough at Enthusiast DX9 1680x1050, let me know what it scores.



!TimeDemo Run 0 Finished.
Play Time: 38.38s, Average FPS: 49.03
Min FPS: 15.77 at frame 62, Max FPS: 59.46 at frame 180
Average Tri/Sec: 28846766, Tri/Frame: 588349
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: -0.32
TimeDemo Play Ended, (1 Run Performed)

Airfield Flythrough

!TimeDemo Run 0 Finished.
Play Time: 39.93s, Average FPS: 50.09
Min FPS: 19.88 at frame 90, Max FPS: 81.37 at frame 1457
Average Tri/Sec: -40817188, Tri/Frame: -814832
Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 1.21
TimeDemo Play Ended, (1 Run Performed)

I would say the min. FPS is caused from loading all the textures into memory as its in the first 100frames each time more along the lines as 28-30fps lows.

Guess i should add i normaly run my shadows on gamer as they are the system killers.
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