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Default Re: WoW - Echoes of Doom

I have a t6 priest as my main but havnt actually taken him into a raid yet (our gm pretty much new illi was gonna fall after the patch/nerf and since I needed nothing from bt, I stayed out). Apparently healers were seeing HPS numbers 4x greater then before..i can only hope it was a bug in their recount.

I have however been very much enjoying warrior prot in PvE. I'm mostly in full kara gear + 2 or so badge pieces and only off tanked, usualy with a really good pali MT. Tonight I not only was the MT (bear OT), but we had a solo druid healer. Kara was cleared in under 90 minutes and I died once...when the druid lost connection. It wasn't even a real uber group or anything, but we waltz over every boss and I had no issues AoE taunting everything. Nitebane was the only problem..and that problem was he was confusing the hell out of us cause we dps'd him in the air and it messed up his flight/landing cycle.

On a technical side, anyone paid attention to the new shadow engine? WoW has to be one of the least "light source accurate" games I've seen, afaik all the old shadows in the game, while they may have been generated in realtime during one pass, the light source they are based off is static. The position of the sun/moon didnt effect them what so ever.

At first I thought "neat, they simply stuck a shader based shadow on people and their mounts", but they did more then that. If you have shadows maxed, the entire world's shadows are rendered in realtime, and the shadows are able to self shadow. I quickly noticed that over hangs on houses were casting a small shadow onto the house itself. Also before when your character moved under a shadow, it was more like your entire character whent light/dark. Now the shadow actually rolls over you, including any small gaps from a non-solid shadow (tree branches, ect).

Its not perfect though, the light source is still static, and currently the draw distance is pretty short. This was paticularly annoying in Stranglethorn vale as distant shadows get rendered in one frame (the first time you see the shadow) using the old method, and dont get updated in realtime untill you are close enough. Well the many large trees in stv are actually casting some big shadows every where that the old shadow engine isn't rendering, so youll be running along in brightly exposed ground and theres a shadow forming at the same distance of about 20 meters ahead of you, it looks like you are trying to out run an eclipse! I hope they allow us to extend it more, stv with world shadows must look pretty sweet.

I also maxed inscriptions on my warrior.. its an "ok" tradeskill and glyphs themselves are cool (Adding a heal to my priest's shield ability is awesome), it dosnt quite have the epic payback of the other trade skills yet. Also some classes wont see some of their glyphs for primary spells used NOW until wotlk comes out.
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