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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

The status of my horrible stutters with newer Nvidia driver is SOLVED. For now anyway.

All I had to do was lock my framerate. I had really grown used to my 30+ framerate, and since the very act of locking causes a performance hit, I've avoided trying it. It's an acceptable fix for now, so I'll just have to be satisfied with 20-25fps.

On the positive side it's a totally smooth 25fps, much smoother than locked could ever be, and now that I fly that way the smoothness makes the lower framerate feel ok.

Since my frame cap is pushed down I can use higher levels of AA and not see a performance hit. At 1600x1200 with my overclock I can use the new 8xSQ mode in the 2.4.2 nHancer, which is 2x2 supersampling with 2x multisampling. It sure looks nice when supersampled in both directions.

Overall I'm just pleased I got it fixed, even if it does mean lower framerates from now on. Maybe I'll get a Nehalem system in a few months and then everything will change again.

Here's a shot where I'm pegged at 25fps.

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem Quad @ 4.0GHz
EVGA GTX 660 SLI @ 1046MHz
OCZ Platinum CL7 6GB
EVGA Intel X58
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