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Default Re: I change my mind about the GTX280

Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
Look at [H]'s latest Slalker performance review comparing the GTX280 and HD4870X2, the HD4870X2 got better benchmark results but the framerate wasn't consistent enough, the GTX280 even with a lower average framerate offered a more consistent experience.
This notion that single GPU cards offer smoother overall framerates is hogwash. Stalker Clear Sky offers better performance (higher minimum framerate) on 4870 Crossfire as compared to a single 4870. At 1680x and maximum settings, a minimum of 22fps on Crossfire vs 13fps on a single 4870:

How "consistent" something is doesn't really matter when you have drops to 13fps.

The key component is the minimum framerate. This determines how smoothly a game plays. In my own tests I've found a large difference in minimum framerates between single/multi-GPU setups as well. Look at the difference in the minimum framerate on Oblivion between a single GPU and Crossfire:

Now which is going to be smoother? 28fps or 49fps?

And Mass Effect, a minimum of 31fps on a single GPU vs 54 in Crossfire:

And Call of Juarez.. the minimum more than doubles going from 29 --> 64:

None of these tests above are run at high resolutions, either. At higher resolutions, this is magnified even further since multi-GPU shines at those settings and a single GPU tanks.

I just don't understand this mindset that you and some others have by claiming a single GPU setup offers a better overall gaming experience. It's nonsense. If you have a setup that is running games at a minimum of 64fps vs. a setup that's running them at 29fps, you're going to have a much smoother gaming experience in multi-GPU.

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