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Default Re: I change my mind about the GTX280

Most guys that complain about microstutter these days are those with low video memory solutions like the 9800GX2 or 9800GTX's in SLI running at resolutions of 1920X1200 or even higher.

Some people simply dont understand how the Vram is a limiting factor at very high resolutions and then blame all of the stuttering on SLI because they simply dont know any better. Fact is even a single 9800GTX would stutter at very high resolutions (maybe not as bad as it would with SLI) but it would still be there because of the low Vram.

For the most part cards like the 4870X2 with 1GB of usuable ram is pretty much flawless, I have seen it in action for myself and it was smooth as butter, I would also think that GTX 260's or 280's in SLI would also be smooth as well due to the high Vram.

All in all I have to say guys that I really think ATI has a one up on Nvidia with dual card solutions, this might change with the X58 board but for now I would not touch SLI with a 50 mile long pole due to the need for a NV chipset.
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