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[quote]Originally posted by Andy Mecham
[b]Let's start over from the top.

Shut down your machine, and only hook up via the DVI port. Boot the machine. What's listed as your vbios revision?

I have a VisionTek does not report a BIOS version on boot. I no longer have Windows installed on the machine, but it told in there once. I believe it was 3.1xxxx. I mentioned in previous messages about 8 months ago.

Boot to runlevel 3. Do you get a console?

I boot to text mode anyway.

Edit your XF86Config-4 file, and comment out *all* nvidia driver options. When that's done, add 'Option "UseEdidFreqs" "1"'

Take a look at your HorizSync and VertRefresh - do they make sense? Are they too high? If your panel doesn't offer EDIDs, these values will be used.

Start plain X (ie: 'X'). If it fails, post the log.

Have you tried small resolutions? (640x480 only?)

I will try some of these things you suggest (again), but it locks up the machine hard, so that I have to boot to single user mode to perform fsck on the volumes.

BTW, my panel is a Philips180P.
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