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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Nice shots Id Second the request for some VC shots on the Prowler,im not a massive jet man myself but i had that as a toy when i was a kid so if the VC is up to it i might just grab it

Glad to hear you fixed the problems you where having Silly and welcome back

So I was going to get the AS Bush Hawk this weekend as it looks like a nice low and slow plane to buzz around in but im reading some very interesting posts about it being a FPS hog over at AS's forum and i dont want to waste 20+(again) on something im not gonna use because all its bells n whistles are bogging it down anyone here tryed it yet or thinking of trying it ?

Had a bit of a play with the BO-105 this afternoon and id say for anyone thinking of getting it to wait till its patched for a second or 3rd time before you do unless you like clipping engine/rotor loop sounds and oddly placed beacon lights that you cant turn off!

Ok oct 08 DX10 water normals are up sorry about the delay but i couldnt log in to my RS account till this afternoon...

Not that much of a massive diffrent in this set but i removed some of the surface pattening and put back layer4 and altered the swell layer a bit

Tweak set now uploaded see for new link

ive done with repainting for a bit so i'll have a look at making some DX9 4096x4096 sets to see if i can get something better than the 1024 default or FEX sets as i cant see there promised SHD sets appearing anytime soon....


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