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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Llamalama View Post
Anyone here using Xgraphics. I already have ASX and thinking about getting this. What's your opinion on this product?
I've got it and it is very good for replacing the default texture sets with an, almost overwhelming choice, of far higher quality ones - but it has to be said that REX will likely do the same job with even better, or at least higher resolution, texture sets, so it would be worth waiting for that now.

I currently use XG to replace everything apart from clouds, sky and water.

Steve, I was assuming the very bright sun specular was down to the FSWC preset, but I could be wrong - I will try reducing this in fswc and see how it is.

EDIT: Yeah, it seems the sun specular is more burned-ot with these in DX9, and lowering it in FSWC does not really do the job, so I've have gone back to your first set. Just hurry up with the DX9 set
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