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Default Re: 9800GTX or GTX280

Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
1. You did the correct thing. A GTX280 should offer a better overall experience...
Cool, ty.

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
The gx2 is not that great as it only has 512MB of VRAM and will struggle with AA. You'd be much better off with a 280, 260 or one of ATI's 4-series cards like the 4870 1GB or 4870X2.

If you're sold on multi-GPU cards, the 4870X2 is where it's at. For the strongest single GPU card, look to the 280.
I cant bare to switch to AMDATI. I started gaming four years and have had:
5900, 6200, 6600 (AGP), 6600, 7800GT, 7950GT, 8800GTX, 9800GX2, and now the GTX280. w00t! (Tuesday)

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses View Post
yep, 280 FTW.
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