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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Whoo very nice JT8D-9A where did you pick up that sailing ship? she looks very nice
thx for the VC shots undecide between this and the bush hawk...gharr to many addons to choose from!

btw As you have FEX id also recommend making up a NoBurnIn waves pack from the FEX water GUI for DX10 flying with my normals(id share my set but its 120mb!)as that will remove the wave noise that sits on the water tones & doesnt move,it doesnt look to bad at high speeds but low and slow it looks a bit strange

OK for my good man Mark and the rest of the DX9 flyers heres asome SHD water normals dev'ed just for DX9

Some compare shots while im uploading the file

FSX Default

My SHD normals

My SHD Normals plus FSWC tweaks

FSWC Tweaks

See the readme for full details (man how i hate typing up those readmes )


Not quite as nice as DX10 but way better than default FSX IMO,feedback is welcome


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