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Default Re: 9800GTX or GTX280

Originally Posted by Bee_Dee_3_Dee View Post
Cool, ty.

I cant bare to switch to AMDATI. I started gaming four years and have had:
5900, 6200, 6600 (AGP), 6600, 7800GT, 7950GT, 8800GTX, 9800GX2, and now the GTX280. w00t! (Tuesday)


ATI has made a huge comeback since the 2900 series, you really cannot go wrong with either one now. If I were you I would go with either a 260 and overclock it to 280 speeds which most will easily do or go with a 1gb HD4870. 280's are nice cards but imo they are still to expensive considering how easy it is to get a 260 to perform on par with one with an overclock and save yourself close to $180 at the same time.

But if you must absolutely have the best single GPU and money is not an issue then by all means get the 280 and overclock it. Or as Xion said the HD 4870X2 is where it is at for dual gpu solutions and the card will rock your socks off.
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