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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

WOW I didn't expect them that quickly Steve - cheers, grabbing them now

In the sprit of sharing, here is the XML file for a FEX SHD cloud set that I think works very well.

Download the file and place it in your 'themes/cloud themes' folder within your main FEX directory.

It seems REX is in full and proper BETA now, with some shots appearing at FSW from Mango and Mr Palmason - they are not as mind blowing as some commentators would have you believe, but it takes time to get to grips with new software, and get the best out of it, so I'm sure we will see some truly great stuff...lets hope it does live up to it's year of high profile exposure anyway.

JT8D-9A actually, they are some pretty mind blowing shots above...
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