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Default Black screen and lockup on startx.

I have never gotton AGP 4x or even 2x to work with my Geforce3 Ti200 so recently I've been trying a little harder. To no eval nothing I've tryed works. When starting X and AGP is enabled the screen will flicker a few times and freeze with a black screen with a small dot in the upper left corner. CTRL+ALT+DELETE, CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE, or switching to another terminal gets no responce, so I have to do a hard shutdown. This does not happen when Option "NvAGP" "0" is set. I have tryed using AGPGART and the Nvidia AGP but both have the same results. I have a Duron 1.2ghz so could this be that AGP bug with AMD processors? If this was the bug then X would still start but OpenGL applications might crash right? I don't think it is the bug because I've compiled a kernel with the AMD patch and the same happens. My motherboard is the PCCHIPS M810L which uses the SiS730S chipset. My monitor is the Compaq MV540. Any ideas welcome.
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