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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Killer shots JT8D-9A just like mark you make my little mods look so much nicer than i can & thx for the heads up on the ship i'll check here out always nice to get those little addons that add to the emersion

thx for the cloud theme mark i think im gonna have to put SHD Fex back in for a while till REX pops,As for the speed of getting these done well you know ive been threating to do some DX9 maps for a while so i thought id get to it while i had a few hours free today

atm there moving a little fast but FSWC+ will have normals scroll speed controls among other things i requested so no more super speedy waves once thats ready

im gonna try and grab some HD videos of these mods soon as i think there at the stage where there good enought for the masses and not just my little beta slave team as you guy have seen it looks a lot wet'er in motion and ive had a few mails asking for a HD video i think i'll have a crack a one

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