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Default Re: 9800GTX or GTX280

Originally Posted by meddilion View Post
I have seen some benchmarks that show it to be just as fast and in some cases even faster with a nice overclock of around 670-700mhz on the core and around 1400mhz on the shaders.

My 260 for example is rock stable at 760core 1534shader and 2600mem, that is enough to constantly out do a stock 280. Keep in mind you can also overclock the 280 but it has been shown that they dont overclock as well as the 260's on average.

I hope you enjoy your 280, its a heck of a good card.

So what is the dif Meddilion?

Is a 260 merely a slow 280 or is there a bigger difference than just their clock(s) speed?
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