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Kris Moore
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Default Re: Interesting bug with 177.70 in KDE4

Follow up to this issue:

I've tested this again on 2 systems with 177.80 on PC-BSD 7.0.1 (FreeBSD 7.1 PreRelease), and the issue remains.

System 1 is running Twinview on 2 monitors, with a GeForce 8600GTS PCI-X.
System 2 is running a single monitor with a later model 8600 PCI-X again.

As usual, switching to VESA mode fixes the problem, and clicking anything in plasma / desktop runs super-fast.

Attached is the bug-report from System 1 with Twinview
Attached Files
File Type: log nvidia-bug-report-1.log (54.2 KB, 188 views)
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